kringlótt pípa ferningur rör rör snið cnc plasma loga klippa veltingur vél fyrir framleiðslu á stáli

plaströr klippa vél

Brief of cnc pipe tube cutting machine :

8 Axis CNC Pipe Tube Cutting Machine, It can cut and bevel round pipe,sqaure tube and rectangular tube in one machine ,cut and bevel together save time , up to AWS .
Cutting method :can match plasma cutting and flame gas cutting ,depend on the pipe wall thickness .

Advantage of kasry control system and software :

1-After you buy the machine can be upgraded lifetime for free ;

2-Good compability ,support Autocad,Tekla ect ;

3-Easy to operate , modeling making is easy , only need from software through the centerline , easily creat pipe , arc tube , sqaure tube , rectangular tube , angle , channel , H beam and other components

4-Rich graphic database in different industry , free offer to customer (Many users in different industry ,have enough experience for different cutting process )

5-Support Continuous cutting ,improve working efficiency

6-Support one time input , read the file , generate a whole budget material chart ,can earlier know the pipe diamter , length and cutting process , can prepare earlier ,prevent waste the material

7-Optimize nesting ,save material 1%-2% (for example , when cut 100tons pipe , can save 2tons material , 10000tons pipe , can save 200tons total , project more bigger can save more )

8-After nesting , can one time out put generate G code , cutting directly ,save staff , save time , save cost

9-With Taiwan Advantech industrial computer support online programming at workshop and offline programming at office ,convinent

10-Cutting welding can be up to AWS ,professional for Marine engineering industry .

11-Support API ,widely used for pressure vessels industry

Details introduction of 8 axis

Hreyfandi ásVeldu skeraásSvið starfsemi
Y1 axis :Pipe rotary driving shaft 360 ° free rotation
Y2 axis :Pípu ekið snúningsás360 ° free rotationrotation
X1 axisThe spindle box moves back and forth along the length of the tubeThe maximum stroke12000mm
X2 axisVagninn færist meðfram lengd túpunnarThe maximum stroke 13000mm
ÁsThe torch swings along the Radial direction of the pipe60 gráður
B ásKyndill sveiflast meðfram lengdar átt rörsins55 gráður
Z ásKyndill færist upp og niðurTravel 420mm
U axisThe trolley moves along the radial direction of the tubeMove back and forth 300mm

Details configuration of pipe cutting machine

FyrirmyndPipe Tube Cutting machine
Round Pipe50-630mm, 60-800mm ,can be customized
Sqaure Tube50-400mm
Rectangular Tube50-400mm
Skurður svið6m/9m/12m
SkurðaraðferðLogi / plasma
Skurður þykktLogi: 6-60mm
Plasma: venjulegur 2-14mm
Logi klippa hraði20-700mm / mín
StjórnkerfiAdvantech industrial computer
Hámarks þykkt í plasma14mm
Hámarksskurðarþykkt plasma18mm
Skurðarhraði í plasma500-3500mm / mín
Plasma torch anti-collision protection system
Driving methodservó
hugbúnaðurKASRY PIPE beita hugbúnaði
Vinnuþrýstingur þjappaðs loftsAbove 0.7mpa
Nauðsynlegt gasflæði í plasma4500L / H
Vinnu umhverfiLoftræsting, engin heilahristing
Kraftur5KW ((ekki með raforku uppspretta afl)
Tegundir bensínsAsetýlenprópan


Material :Carbon steel , stainless steel ,aluminum
Type :round pipe , square tube , rectangular tube
Industry :Widely used for steel structure construction,ship building ,marine engineering,offshore building ,pressure vessels , Fitness equipment, amusement equipment, power system etc.

Machine parts :
Rotary chuck ,bracket and control system :
Rotary suitable for 50-600mm round pipe ;50-400mm square tube
Bracket :four groups , load 5t (heavy model made by our kasry itself )
Control system: support online programming at workshop directly

Why choose us?

1. We specialized in the production and sales of CNC cutting machine,plate cutting machine , pipe cutting beveling machine , h beam cutting machine ect .

2. We have a professional sales and service team , can provide free installation and training

3.Our products, quality guarantee,CE certificate, they are exported to more than 40 countries around the world, Such as Hungary ,Poland ,Spain ,India ,Belgium. French. Indonesia. Korean. Australia . Romania. Russia. Iraq and so on.

4-Frame and software all Kasry own brand , delivery time and quality have enough guarantee

5-Two years global free warranty

Algengar spurningar

1. Are you factory or foreign trade company?

We are factory ,do both domestic and froeign market

2. What shall we do if don't know how to operate your machine after bought from you?

We have detailed installation and operating instructions attached, also comes with video, it is very simple. We have telephone and email support at 24 hours a day.

If you need our engineer go to your factory installation and training , that all no problems

3. What's the quality of your products?

For the machine frame all made by ourself , quality and delivery time have enough guarantee . Also our products passed CE certification, exported to lots countries around the world, such as Russia, Iraq, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Korea, etc. You can rest assured with the quality absolutely.

4. What to do if the machine has a problem?

24 hours timely response of mail and phone calls. If the parts broken belong to non-artificial factors within 12 months, we offer free replacement. If beyond 12 months, customers should bear the freight back and forth and accessories cost.

5. What other things also need after we bought your machines?

(1) With flame cutting: you just need to access to oxygen and fuel gas. (2) With plasma cutting: need plasma power source and air compressor. You can match plasma power supply by yourself, or buy together with the cutter from us, it's optional. If you buy from us, we will connect the wires of plasma power source and CNC cutting machine together, then more conveniently to use.

6. What's the leading time after payment?

The leading time is according to your ordered products and quantity.Gantry cutting machine need 15 days ;pipe cutting machine need 30 days ;h beam cutting machine need 60 days .It should be confirmed by the communication with our sales staff.

7. What are your payment terms?

We support T/T, L/C, Western Union and so on. Other ways can also be received after we both sides discussion and agreement


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