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Economical, practical pipe intersecting line cutting machine;
Economical, practical pipe intersecting line cutting machine;
It is composed of control cabinet, cutting car and pipe cutting auxiliary machine. It is suitable for cutting pipe with no groove, which can cut any of the metal pipe, suitable for pipeline intersection line cutting,able to make openings,grooving,normal cutting,saddle shape cutting,shrimp shape cutting and other complex cutting.
Pipe cutting auxiliary spindle for the form of through-hole, the use of high-precision chuck, pipe bracket can adjust the pipe center height according to the diameter of the pipe.
Standard flame cutting, optional plasma cutting;
After the conversion, you can also achieve the welding function.

Tæknilegar breytur

InntaksspennaSingle phase AC220V,50/60Hz
Effective cutting outer diameter60-300mm(250-500mm can be customized)
Effective cutting lengthZNC-3000GY:3000mm (be equiped with 1 bracket)
NC-6000GY:6000mm(be equiped with 2 brackets)
Cutting pipe thickness5-50mm(gas cutting)
Plasma cutting: depend on plasma power
Auto Controled Axis 2 Two-axis linkage
Max. load Pipe weight1000 kg
Precision± 0.2mm/m

Algengar spurningar
1. Q: Are you manufaturer or trading company?
A: We are a factory with 28 years manufacturing experience.our main products is IGBT inverter air plasma cutter,CNC cutting machine,welding machine,beveling machine.
2. Q: what certificate do you get?
3 Q:How many days for mass production?
A:15 working days after receipt of remittance.
4 Q:what is your garantee period?
A:1 year.
5. Q:cutting material?
A:carbon steel,mild steel,stainless steel.iron.
6 Q:what after-sale service do you offer?
A: 24 Hours Online Service, Free spare parts for breakdown machine in warranty service

Model NO.: ZNC-3000GY
Application: Cut Metal Pipe Intersecting Line or Metal Plate
Cutting Method: Support Gas Cutting or Plasma Cutting
Lead Time: 15 Working Days
Nesting Software: Fastcam Brand
CNC control system: Shanghai fangling
motor: stepper motor
Certificate: CE certification
Cutting shape: steel plate or pipe, aluminum plate or pipe
Vörumerki: ACCURL
Flutningspakki: Trékassi
Uppruni: Anhui, Kína
HS Code: 8475100000